Virtualization Technology: An Innovation That Addresses Big Data Storage Needs

Virtualization can no longer be considered as an overhyped innovation for SAN (Storage Area Network). Originally oversold by analysts and marketers, virtualization ended up disappointing many initial customers with high hopes.  Now though, virtualization has found its perfect match in the industry: it has become a driving force of future storage applications.   Virtualization and Storage: A Match Made in … Read More

Quality over Quantity

If you had asked me a few years ago, I too, would have easily  assumed that systems couldn’t “lie” when reporting metrics or counters. The most difficult  part of getting information was usually the process of collecting it.  Whether that data was accurate never seemed to be a doubt.  Like many reflections, it’s easy to look back and see how … Read More

Big Data Analytics: Why Businesses Can’t Live Without it

We live in a competitive business world and to be successful, organizations must be capable of identifying trends, recognizing patterns and understanding what to do with the immense data at hand. Without the right tool, making sense of big data can be frustrating, if not almost impossible, but finding a tool that encompasses your multi-vendor environments is a mighty task. … Read More

Why Monitoring and Managing Tools Will Save Your Business

If you’ve ever worked in IT, you’ve had stressful mornings, and stressful days and stressful weeks. (A lot of them.) Maybe you’ve faced angry clients because of application latency or downtime, maybe you’ve faced frustrated management complaining about over or under used resources, and maybe you’re just fed up with doing tasks that don’t pertain to your job description. All … Read More

How We Stay on Task (and Out of Trouble)

The startup life isn’t really all free beers and nap pods and game rooms (sometimes it’s those things, but not all the time). Most of the time startup life is really, really difficult. It’s basically a group of people with a brilliant idea and an end goal, a vision. The problem arises when that group of people has no idea … Read More

Meet Aashi! Ayetier’s Summer Intern

As we continue our “Humans Behind Ayetier” project, we’d like to take this blog post to introduce a new face in the Ayetier office! Aashi is a soon to be Sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and we’re lucky to have her on the Ayetier team this summer! Aashi is joining me, Jeannine, in the marketing … Read More

An In-Depth Look at the Storage Virtualization

Storage Virtualization has significant potential when mitigating the cost connected with managing and simplifying storage management. Because of the swift transformation of big data management, data storage is one of the most active parts of today’s IT industry. Furthermore, an incredible amount of institutions and enterprises have affirmed the practicality of this innovation by the adoption of the virtualization technology. … Read More

So, Why Ayetier? An Infographic

We toot our horn a lot but it’s because we know our application is one of the best out there. At Ayetier, we take big, complex storage and virtualization data and hand it to you in an easy to use, simple to read platform. Ayetier is a SaaS cloud based application that helps you monitor and manage your big data. … Read More

The Growing Problem within Today’s IT

If you’re a Storage Admin, you get a lot of pressure on all sides: from your Director of Technology, from your teammates, from your users and if that’s not enough, you’re constantly having to understand and be on the lookout for new platforms, vendors and protocols. And don’t forget, this isn’t even your job! Your job is to monitor and … Read More

Summer Plans? We’re Adding Nimble!

Summer plans? Oh yeah, we’ve got big ones. No, they don’t include long weekends at the beach (though, sometimes we’d like that), but they do include a new addition to our platform! At the request of a few of our customers, we’re expanding Ayetier to incorporate Nimble Storage. This is a small step on a long road, but little by … Read More