The Growing Problem within Today’s IT

If you’re a Storage Admin, you get a lot of pressure on all sides: from your Director of Technology, from your teammates, from your users and if that’s not enough, you’re constantly having to understand and be on the lookout for new platforms, vendors and protocols. And don’t forget, this isn’t even your job! Your job is to monitor and manage your enterprise data center infrastructure, and wait, let’s just add another factor: you’re having to do this as a service by using your own private clouds all while staying competitive with public clouds. That’s a lot. It’s too much, and its why issues occur, it’s why downtime happens so often. Storage administrators are overworked, over stressed and frustrated. Today’s challenges go beyond decreasing cost, increasing efficiently and mitigating risk, there are a whole set of new demands forcing IT teams to respond more quickly to business and critical demands.

Is there a solution?

Yes. There are solutions out there, but often, these solutions cost companies thousands, if not millions of dollars a year. The Ayetier solution is a cloud based application that offers complete insight across the data center so teams are able to monitor and manage their multivendor storage infrastructure. The Ayetier platform can help you and your team optimize your current environment for day-to-day operations to providing you with the insight you need to make better business decisions and architect for the future. With Ayetier, problem issues are found quickly, pattern recognition makes it easy to understand where data is going and correlation helps teams understand how their data reacts to one another.

Ayetier simplifies the complex issues that come with managing and monitoring any enterprise It infrastructure. Graphs, charts and maps make it easy for teams to spot problem issues, help prevent downtown from occurring and better prepare for the future.

What about existing resources?

The capability to oversee your entire environment allows you to have better insight and understanding into your infrastructure. With Ayetier workers placed into your storage data, you’re equipped with the insight you need to understand how your data reacts to one another, you’ll be able to identify trends and patterns in order to prevent disasters from happening and you’ll be better prepared to make smarter decisions in the future when it comes to architecting and planning. Are there resources like ours on the market? Yes. Are they as robust and cost effective as Ayetier? Probably not. But we don’t want to tell you that, why don’t you try it for yourself? Set up a 15 minute intro call with one of our engineers today and learn exactly what Ayetier can do to help you manage your complicated data.