Meet Aashi! Ayetier’s Summer Intern

As we continue our “Humans Behind Ayetier” project, we’d like to take this blog post to introduce a new face in the Ayetier office! Aashi is a soon to be Sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and we’re lucky to have her on the Ayetier team this summer! Aashi is joining me, Jeannine, in the marketing department for two months of market research, blog writing, newsletter prep and hopefully a bit of videography! Technology, to me, a creative junkie, has become impersonal, it’s almost as if robots have already taken over and with Ayetier’s More Human project, I hope to introduce you to the team of humans behind Ayetier. Let’s get a little more personal, get to know the faces behind Ayetier.

   “Why Business??”—The oh-so-dreaded question that each Business major finds themselves facing.  And each time, students put together some generic response with key words like “ambition,” “customer,” and “success” which end up making them sound like the next feature of Fortune 500.  I too, had mastered this generic perfect response, yet to be honest, it was never what I truly felt. I didn’t know exactly why I wanted to delve into the world of business, I just felt it, like some odd sixth sense.  But I couldn’t help but feel fake and untrustworthy towards my own education.  So I set out to learn what business meant to me, and experience was the only way I could ever attempt to pin that answer down.

            Which is how I found myself going up taking the golden elevator to Ayetier’s floor, ready to start my first day as an intern.  I was a little nervous since the tech and business worlds often seem worlds apart, and I didn’t know what to expect for my first day.  As the elevator went up, I imagined cubicles filled with geniuses and computers and being engulfed by heavy technology terms.

            As I stepped into the workspace, I was surrounded by geniuses and heavy terms.  But those geniuses were both dedicated to and passionate about their product and their clients.  And there were some technology words I didn’t know, but I quickly learned about those terms and how everything worked.  Within this world of data and technology, I found business dancing behind it, helping to make the startup company so successful.  I was able to find my niche, market research, and make it my job within a realm I thought I’d never fit.  There was lots of creativity, laughter, coffee, and innovation in just one workspace, and I couldn’t help but love it all.

            I haven’t found the perfect answer yet to “Why Business” and I’m far away from reaching that desired answer.  But Ayetier and its passionate employees have helped me to grasp a better concept of what I want to define it to be. Business is so vast; it is in every single concept that you can imagine, and almost impossible to pin down. Yet when it comes down to the basics, It’s about finding a solution for your clients and being passionate about what you do.  Ayetier follows that model, and that’s why they have such a great environment.

            I may not have an answer to the original question, but I already know my answer to “Why Ayetier?”:  Because it’s a creative space with encouraging people that not only teach me new things, but also help me realize what I want as a career.  I’ve only been here for a few weeks and already learned so much, I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring my way!