How We Stay on Task (and Out of Trouble)

The startup life isn’t really all free beers and nap pods and game rooms (sometimes it’s those things, but not all the time). Most of the time startup life is really, really difficult. It’s basically a group of people with a brilliant idea and an end goal, a vision. The problem arises when that group of people has no idea how to navigate between the idea and the end goal. There’s the idea, and then it seems there’s a rickety bridge to get across an ocean full of hungry sharks, a thunderstorm above you and sometimes a few fire breathing dragons. Startups are really hard work and there’s so much that can go wrong. You can have an incredible product that lacks communication, or a world changing idea that lacks planning, or all of these things plus a terrible CEO.

What we’ve learned as a number one rule is to always listen to our customers. We set out to develop an application that would make enterprise easier; by listening to and understanding the pain points organizations face every single day, we are able to create something that tackles the biggest and most frustrating problems. For us, keeping the focus on our customers and tailoring our application to their needs has made the biggest difference in the world. (The kitchen always stocked with whiskey does help a bit.)

If you’re interested in a better, more cost-effective way to manage and monitor your big data, give us a shout. We’re always here with open ears.