Big Data Analytics: Why Businesses Can’t Live Without it

We live in a competitive business world and to be successful, organizations must be capable of identifying trends, recognizing patterns and understanding what to do with the immense data at hand. Without the right tool, making sense of big data can be frustrating, if not almost impossible, but finding a tool that encompasses your multi-vendor environments is a mighty task. Without the right monitoring and management application, an organization would have to go through dramatic volumes of big data just to be able to synthesize it and potentially identify trends and metrics.

Handling Big Data Professionally

The thing about big data flows is that it’s unpredictable. The uncertainty of  its structure leads to a lot of complex issues within management, yet it is crucial that organizations safeguard their information while dealing with those problems. APIs offer comprehensive data protection across a series of metrics and performance-based analysis. Furthermore, the recovery process is fully automated and reduced to a convenient single click of a button.

Storage Issues and Their Handling

API’s provide storage administrators with valuable information without worrying whether the storage devices are going to hold. The application helps track latency for all of  storage objects in an effective manner.

One of the things that big data specialists struggle with is handling over-utilized volumes of information. Ayetier’s API is particularly helpful in this regard as it quickly identifies over-utilized volumes and optimizes the entire process.  Performance trends as well as averages and heat maps which indicate proper disk utilization allow clients to gain a more comprehensive outlook into a situation. This helps storage administrators identify potential problems ahead of time and handle them appropriately and promptly in order to prevent complications from overly used storage capacity.

In any case, having a comprehensive API is certainly of great benefit as it helps navigate through the huge workload that is big data and draw the most proper conclusion. And that is what translates to an effective business strategy.