Virtualization Technology: An Innovation That Addresses Big Data Storage Needs

Virtualization can no longer be considered as an overhyped innovation for SAN (Storage Area Network). Originally oversold by analysts and marketers, virtualization ended up disappointing many initial customers with high hopes.  Now though, virtualization has found its perfect match in the industry: it has become a driving force of future storage applications.  

Virtualization and Storage: A Match Made in Heaven

A lot of companies are now starting to realize the enormous benefits provided by the virtualization. Its benefits include resource consolidation, direct management of  IT infrastructure, and the centralization and simplification of the storage system. These benefits can be incorporated not only on the standalone VMware application but also as a solution in an expansive spectrum. The different providers of the VMware have already understood that virtualization is beyond being a simple application; instead, it has the capacity to address business’ issue on big data storage.

Enterprises will not be particular about the technology behind virtualization, but will be more concerned on its ability to manage and protect their big data.  Most companies are now more inclined to specific features such as data protection, backing-up, replication, mirroring, and snapshot. The philosophy is not the primary determining factor in finding the right VMware instead the reliability, features, and the performance are the factors that affect the choice of the enterprise. Many companies are also focusing on disk space, management of the growth, centralized management, tolerance for downtime, reduce backup time and others.

Nowadays,  virtualization is commonly expected to be incorporated as a part of the arrays; for instance, as an intelligent switch or as an equipment in the network. Many storage controllers have certainly moved to virtual technology. All of these recent changes have only one meaning, virtual technology has managed to shift from a hyped technology to a perfect solution for big data storage.