Virtualization Technology: Addressing Big Data Storage Needs

Virtualization can no longer be considered as an overhyped innovation for the SAN (Storage Area Network).  This can be utilized to attend to the storage needs of the customers.  Similar with different technology, virtual technology has also encountered the usual hype cycle.  It is initially advertised as the best thing that is oversold by the analysts and marketers.  The original … Read More

Ensuring Data Protection While Maximizing Performance

Security breaches have become routine, as we often listen to the news and find out that sensitive data had been breached somewhere. Despite state-of-the-art technology and thorough inspection, many businesses still suffer from lack of safety in their storage data. The consequences of a data breach may be catastrophic, jeopardizing the business to its core. With incredibly sensitive data, everyone … Read More

The App-Data Gap and How We’re Tackling It

Every year, business organizations lose thousands, if not millions to unplanned downtime. This downtime is most often caused by data not reaching the application, causing end-users to wait and systems to shut down. At Ayetier, we’re building a tool to fix this gap, we’re saying goodbye to unplanned downtime. In complex infrastructure like the ones common in enterprise, app to … Read More

Machine Learning is Not Just for Nerds

We’re hearing more and more about machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation every day. Machine learning isn’t just for big data nerds, tech geeks and the developers behind the next big startup. Machine learning and automation is everywhere we look. In this post, we’ll talk about automation and the ordinary places we’re seeing machine learning pop up.  People you may … Read More

Why Startups Are at the Forefront of Big Data

Data, data, data. These days it’s always about data. Big data, to be specific. Companies use data to monitor their application’s performance, marketers use data to understand consumer habits, and even in politics, big data is used to understand the demographics of a particular region. Data, big data, kind of rules everything we do (even if most of us don’t … Read More

What Happens When You Automate Storage Management

Our advances in technology have equipped us with an immense amount of data about everything, about the ins and outs of our business, about our consumers and everything in between. We have more data than we know what to do with. This data holds a great amount of power, but only if organizations know how to use it. The biggest … Read More

Big Data and Data Metrics – Things to Consider

We’re living in an ever changing world, with this in mind, being able to stop over the current trends is a necessity if you want to be able to stay afloat, let alone to succeed. The IT world is developing with light-speed temps and catching up with the improvements and latest developments is paramount. What is more, handling big data … Read More

The Humans Behind Ayetier: Meet Kevin

In an effort to be more human in a world that’s become a whole lot less human, our marketing team is working on a new project called, The Humans Behind Ayetier. If you’ve been following our story, you know that we’re a close nit team of hardworking developers and creators. We set out to do one thing: to make IT … Read More

Much More Than Monitoring: What We’re Planning for your NetApp Data

We’re already halfway through March and a lot is changing around here. (Follow us on Twitter for updates!) Our team of developers have their sights set on more robust feature additions as well as adding new platforms to Ayetier. If you’re new to Ayetier, I’ll help catch you up to speed. We’re a SaaS application that provides clear insight into your data … Read More

Automation in Healthcare

Automation and big data are making their way into the healthcare system. Here’s what the big move is doing and why the healthcare industry isn’t looking back. IT professionals in the healthcare industry can all agree on one thing: their top priorities are cost reduction and increasing efficiency. They’ve been operating with legacy software for decades but now, swiftly, things … Read More