I’m an IT Director, What Can Ayetier Do for Me?

This is part two of a series we’re currently running, “What Ayetier Can Do for me.” When we first set out to develop Ayetier, our goal was simple: to make IT easy. After years working in IT and large, enterprise environments, we decided there must be a better way to manage complex storage data. We developed Ayetier and we’re making … Read More

Surviving Scale

There’s been a recurring theme during my latest ‘IT’ conversations and meetings and no, it’s not ‘How do we use the cloud.’  It’s not that the conversations are about the same topics or even that the problems are the same, but I consistently hear concerns about scalability. The funny thing about scale is that it’s completely relative. If something grows … Read More

The Potential Behind Analyzing Your Storage Data

You’ve got data. A lot of data. Maybe you’ve got tools that track that data, collect that data or log that data. You know what your data is doing, but do you know what to do with what you know? It’s 2017 and Big Data is driving business operations Big data is making its way into the news more and … Read More

One Change that Saved us 150GB of Logs/Month

MongoDB is a big part of our backend architecture. Like any critical piece part of infrastructure, we collected logs into a central store. At the time, we were spread across Google, AWS and our own cloud infrastructure, so we used Graylog. I’ll admit, we didn’t stress too much on storage, we had TBs available and we had streams in Graylog … Read More

How Ayetier Is Like a Smart Car, and Those Other Guys Like Fleets of Sports Cars

It’s kind of an insane comparison but we’ve thought about it and yeah, we’d say it’s a pretty accurate way of thinking about Ayetier. Close your eyes, imagine a sexy convertible, let’s say it’s a BMW 2-Series, red, shiny, leather seats. (Not obvious enough that I’ve dreamt about this car on many occasions?) But back to the point; you’ve got … Read More

Configuration Management

As mentioned before in Startup Devops, we internally use Ansible for server configuration management and deployments. Our deployment isn’t perfect, and we have no idea if we’ll still be using it a year from now (Salt seems more robust). Even with flaws, having a framework for standardizing a server’s or application’s configuration has made an incredible impact on our ability … Read More

I’m a Storage Admin, What Can Ayetier Do for Me?

If you haven’t heard yet, Ayetier is a SaaS cloud-based application that helps IT teams better manage their complex storage data. The idea came about a few years ago when our co-founder ran into the same IT problems over and over as a Senior Solutions Architect. He believed, and still believes today that IT shouldn’t, and doesn’t need to be … Read More

Startup DevOps

The most critical asset of any SaaS company isn’t just their code, well, not their application code at least. The infrastructure that runs the application is the lifeblood of every SaaS company. Being able to consistently deploy code throughout an environment, track versions, maintain consistency, monitor uptime, and maintain performance can be overwhelming for even the most accomplished admins. It’s … Read More

The Challenges Faced by Growing Tech Enterprises

It goes without saying that the world of technology is a highly competitive market. When successful, the industry is particularly profitable and highly lucrative, but that success comes with overcoming a wide range of daunting tasks. Virtualization, big data handling, integrating a variety of useful and appropriate API, and keeping track of your storage are just some of the components … Read More