Scaling Processes

Ayetier processes a lot of data for our customers. The load this places on our processing servers is substantial and so as we have been developing our product we have been on the lookout for better ways to scale horizontally. We started using’s MQ service a while back and over the last few months have shifted all of our … Read More

Automating Everything

I’ve always been a fan of the idea that if you have to something more than once, it should be automated. That holds true when it comes to infrastructure as well. After configuring a couple of servers by hand, the need for some sort of configuration management/orchestration tool was apparent. There were several popular tools we looked at in the … Read More

Who is Ayetier?

Thanks for checking out Ayetier. The first question you might ask is what is our name? Yeah, we know it looks hard to say. It’s [i tee er] – a phonetic representation of IT and tier (platform). We don’t employ any Yetis… yet. So, now you can say it… but what do we do? Here’s our backstory: Our platform was born … Read More